Classrooms are open from 8.35am. Children are welcomed straight in to class, and settle in calmy with early morning activities. The bell rings at 8.45 to signal the start of the day, with doors remaining open until 8.50am. At this point doors will shut, and any children arriving after 8.50am will need to go through the office.  

We are working hard to improve our attendance, and to reduce the number of chidren arriving late.  At 9.00am, all children move to their Success For All groups.  It is important therefore that children are arriving at 8.45am in order to get themselves settled and sorted for the day ahead. 

Success for All runs until 10.30am, followed by a 15 minute breaktime. 

Second lesson begins at 10.45 until lunch.  Reception children start lunch at 11.45, Year 1 at 11.50 and Year 2 at 11.55. Key Stage 2 children all start lunch at 12.00. Lunchtime for all children is an hour long.

The afternoon session starts at 12.45 for Reception children, 12.50 for Year 1 and 12.55 for Year 2.  Key Stage 2 children start their afternoon learning at 1.00pm.

Assembly is held daily at 2.45pm.

The end of the school day is 3.15pm, where children are dismissed by their teachers on their key stage playgrounds. 

Teachers are available before registration and after the school day to take messages. If you need to meet with your child's teacher please make an appointment with our school office team.