We are very proud at Burton End of the Nursery facilities that we offer. Children can attend from the age of three and are admitted to Reception in the September following their fourth birthday. They come either in the morning or afternoon, in groups of no more than twenty-six.

As all schools in Haverhill cannot offer Nursery facilities, we are able to take children from other catchment areas into our classes.  However the offer of a Nursery place will not guarantee your child a place in a Reception class at Burton End.

We now offer full day nursery services with lunch. Please ask a member of staff for more details on our new full day nursery service. The unit is staffed by a full time qualified Nursery Teacher as well as a full time trained Nursery Nurse. We have a separate Nursery brochure available and are very happy to welcome you if you wish to visit.

Mrs Clare Mills - Nursery Lead Practitioner