Over the summer holiday period, two rooms were built in our school specifically to provide the emotional and behavioural support that some of our children greatly benefit from. Alongside this, we worked with Mrs Burton to decide a new title for her role, and to smooth out our processes for supporting children with their emotional wellbeing. 

At Burton End, we always put our children's wellbeing as a top priority. We know that children are unable to learn if they do not feel safe, secured and welcomed. We also know that most children will experience some sort of emotional disruption in their life during their school years. Events like moving house, a new baby sibling, moving school etc may have less of an impact on their emotions when compared to parents separating, death of a loved one or serious illness of a family member. Whatever the size, these emotions are all valid and children need support to accept how they feel and know what to do to in order to maintain their work and behaviour whilst feeling them.  

This is why we recognise the importance of the role that Mrs Burton, Mrs Talbot and Mrs Frost do in school. They work to ensure that all children have the emotional literacy to understand and cope with their emotions, and if they are unable to then we provide the additional support they may need for that period of time. The new rooms called The Beach and The Rockpool provide a safe haven for children, whatever their circumstances are. 

The attached poster gives a little sneak peek into our new rooms, and reveals Mrs Burton's new title.  We are so excited to have these spaces, and love them so much! If you have any concerns about your child's wellbeing, please contact your child's teacher in the first instance.  Mrs Burton, Mrs Frost and the rest of the Senior Leadership Team are always more than happy to speak with you if you have any further concerns.