What is Forest School?

 Forest School Leader: Mrs Taylor assisted by Mrs Runswick

We have weekly sessions that take place in the woodland so that every child learns:

· To be adventurous and take managed risks, developing their confidence

· Recognise and understand theirs and others emotions

· Children manage their own learning and learn through adventurous play

· Active participation, working with children they may not usually work with

· Allow children to lead and be in control of their own learning

· Feel safe within the forest environment

· Allow children to get muddy, dirty, enjoy the great outdoors and just be kids!                                                                                          

The children explore the forest noticing the changes the seasons bring first hand. Forest School is fantastic at developing confidence and self-esteem as well as encouraging a growth mindset through hands on learning experiences. We see resourcefulness in action as the children build dens, resilience as they climb trees and saw wood. Seeing the children reflect around the campfire as they enjoy hot chocolate and listen to stories is a definite highlight!