Computing Curriculum Statement

All subjects in our curriculum are designed to drive the following key areas:

  • Knowledge of the world
  • Increase subject vocabulary
  • Develop curiosity and enhance critical thinking skills
  • Build aspirations for the future

Across the school we teach computing to help pupils acquire and develop a better understanding of technology and how to use it safely.

The following core concepts underpin the teaching of computing:

  • To Code
  • To Connect
  • To Communicate
  • To Collect

These concepts are planned and articulated in our termly planners and help pupils understand the knowledge taught.

We aspire that learning through computing provides the opportunity to develop an excellent knowledge of how to code (developing an understanding of instructions, logic and sequences); to safely connect with others; use a variety of apps to communicate ideas; and to develop an understanding of databases and their uses.

This is seen in our projects, experiences and pupil outcomes.

We use a variety of resources to support teacher knowledge and improve lessons, including:

  • Kapow
  • Discovery coding
  • Barefoot CAS
  • Scratch