Year 4 Curriculum Summer Term

In English this term we will be writing a story from another culture. We will be reading a variety of texts and learning about other cultures. To finish this unit the children will be writing a story set in ancient Rome, using their knowledge from our previous history topic the Romans.

SFA reading will see us learning about great women within science, each day we will be learning about a different female scientist and will be answering comprehension questions based on these fantastic women.

In maths this term we will begin with time, the children will be recapping on the basics of time including o’clock, half past and quarter to and past. Once this has been mastered we will move onto digital clocks and begin converting between digital and analogue. After this unit we will move on to look at shape and symmetry. We will end the term by recapping on fractions that was taught during lockdown.

Our topic this term is ‘The Americas’ we will kick start our topic by learning all about the key geographical terms of latitude and longitude. We will then be learning about climates around the world which will lead us nicely onto looking at the rainforest and comparing a country within South America, North America and the UK.